Meet The Bruhz! A collection of 7777 generated 3D ball heads with unique hand-drawn facial expressions. Created by eduard_ov.


The Bruhz vol 1.0 - Develop the brand, receive the first feedback from the audience and get sold out in a 24h auction with the floor price is 5 ETH after.


The Bruhz vol 2.0 - Involve famous artis ts in the project and grow a community of loyal customers that won't let their Bruhzs go.


The Bruhz Generation 7777 - Initiate The Bruhz Universe, create a full-fledged design, marketing and development team. Reward each ‘vol1’ and ‘vol2’ holder by the “The Bruhz List” early access. Get sold out by the power of community without dirty marketing. IN PROGRESS


Carry out a post-sale marketing campaign to expand the audience and increase the collection's liquidity.

Hit the Top Projects on the OpenSea marketplace, attract a number of 'true big NFT players' to support the project, and undertake a few tremendous visual performances in the physical world.


Launch limited merchandise (balls with face images and clothes) for the Bruhz owners only.


The Bruhz vol 3 - Collaborate with the biggest names in the NFT space. Carry out giveaways for the most loyal holders of previous collections. Official partnership with ***** metaverse.


Release TheBruhz AI 3.0. The robot protects you from robbers, mad mom and shilling artists.

We won't promise another metaverse or a game, but we're heading towards it. Unlike most projects, each of our team members had previously created their own NFTs or successfully executed projects related to it. We've been here yesterday and you'll see us here tomorrow.


The Bruhz father. World known 3D designer and respected NFT Artist with more than 100ETH+ sales during the last year.

Worked with Will Smith, Marshmello, MSI, KFC, etc.


Project driver. Founder of DVIZH design studio, made 85ETH+ worth unique artworks and 4 generative collections for the clients, mentioned in the official Forbes.


Writes very smart contract.


Talks to folks.

iskander_ i2i

3D helpmate.

How many TheBruhz will there be?


How much will they cost?

Bruh List Sale - 0.077ETH, Public Sale - 0.1ETH

When is the mint date?

We will release the dates soon. Stay tuned.

Will there be a pre-sale?

Yes, BruhList gets an early access.
Check out discord server for more info.

How many can I mint?

7 per wallet during bruh list sale, 7 per transaction during public sale.

Will you make me rich to get a Lambo?

Sure, but would you exchange real brother for a car? Hold your Bruh.